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Duck Dishes


Crispy Aromatic Duck (includes Spring onions, Cucumber, Hoi-Sin Sauce & Pancakes. All ingredients ready for you to wrap!!)



Quarter (with 6 Pancake wrappers)



Half (with 12 Pancake wrappers)



Whole (with 24 Pancake wrappers)



(Extra Pancake wrappers .... pack of 6..... 1.00)



Special Duck (Sliced deep fried Breast of Duck on a bed of Pork, Prawns, Mushrooms, Peas and Onions cooked in Soya gravy)



Roast Duck Chinese Style (Slices of succulent Duck on a bed of Beansprouts and Onions smothered with our recipe Barbecue Sauce)



Roast Duck with Pineapple



Sweet & Sour Duck



Sliced Lemon Duck in Sauce (Slices of succulent Duck on a bed of Onions, Pineapple and Cucumber smothered with our tangy Lemon Sauce)


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